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I am a hands on IT director and DevOps engineer focusing for the last nine years on small to mid-sized organizations grow and evolve their IT infrastructure. 

I work with senior management and front-line staff to develop new systems and ways of working to help grow and define organizations. I develop budgets and spending plans that allow for sustainable IT systems that are predictive of future needs while providing the needed day to day services while reevaluating and renegotiating extant contracts and services.

All organizations large and small, non-profit and for-profit have trade-offs in operations. I focus on making those trade-offs visible and minimal. Even in the most technical of areas, keeping the lights on isn’t the business, and keeping the lights on should do everything it can to further the goals of the business. I work to make that happen.

Additionally, I have done a lot of design and marketing work within these organizations and bring a holistic approach to how to leverage technology and innovation to all aspects of an organization, not just the IT department. This cross-disciplinary approach allows me to present novel solutions and leverages my technology and organizational development skills to fight siloing and improve communication both within an organization and with customers.

Recreationally, you can find me hiking, kayaking or skiing.  I also tend to take a lot of pictures (some of which you can find on this site).


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